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Thanks for your help I just ordered two more different rolex replica watches. Just want to make sure you got the my order and was just wondering when you think I can expect my rolex replica watches. I hope they are as good of quality as the last rolex replica watch I ordered. I am very satisfied with the quality of the rolex replica watch I have received already and hope these look to appear online to be same and as good of quality as the one I ordered earlier from you all and have already received. If if so I'll be ordering more from you guys keep up the good work thanks for your help with this order. Ok let's do that cause I want the closet to the realist like the rolex replica watch I ordered before just let me know the difference in cost and you can just add that amount to the credit card you have on file. Thanks for your help I really appreciate it. Just let me know what the difference is please thanks

At this time I only found one that I really like an it is this coffee dial rolex replica watch uk. Is this ok to just one of these rolex replica watches cause I want to wait till you get a presidential that's gold and is 40 mm or bigger. So what I would like to do is stop shipment on the first two rolex replica watches I ordered and apply what I paid toward this coffee dial rolex replica watch that I have selected. Is this ok. I appreciate your help and plan on ordering more as they become available. Just let me know ASAP

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I have one last question the hublot replica watch that I have ordered is it a screw link adjustment like the hublot replica watch that I ordered earlier if not and you have not shipped yet I would like to change to a different style hublot replica watch that has the screw link adjustments. Please advice ASAP so that I can change and select a different hublot replica watch please. Sorry to be such a pain but I have my mind set on the style and type that I want and I will pay the difference. Please notify as soon as possible if the one I have ordered does not have a screw type band adjust I have selected one hublot replica watch that does that I can tell from the pictures. Please notify before you ship please.